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Applied Kinesiology

Applied kinesiology is used in our office to find muscle weakness in the body. This will help the doctor determine how the body is functioning. Therapies will be used to help you the patient eliminate muscle weakness. Applied kinesiology uses the triad of health in determining the level of health of the patient. When a patient is experiencing poor health it is usually due to an imbalance in one of these three areas.

Triad_of_Health.jpgThe triad of health looks at three areas, structural, chemical, and mental. The mental side of the triad is the most important because having positive thinking can improve health. Negative thinking can trigger illness and disease. The chemical side of the triad deals with the biochemical, nutrition and diet of the patient. The structural component of the triad is focused on the bones, nerves, muscles and the interaction of them all.

Applied kinesiology is used in our office to enhance the diagnostic process. Ask about applied kinesiology and check out our links for more information.



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